2004 Kids Pictures (General)

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Erin, Kate, Brynn, & Sean on the front step, holding pumpkins

Whoa!  Crowded bed!

Dinner anyone?

Little Brynnie, as a teeny tiny wrinkle in a huge bed!

Got teeth!

Missing teeth

I'm so tired, I'm going to fall asleep right on the floor!

Erin, petting a baby goat

Where's Blitzen?

Where's the Beast?  I'm ready to dance!

TV time!

Hawaii, here I come!

Everyone in a bathing suit indoors, please raise their hand!

Where'd my teeth go?

Kate, petting baby goats

Let me sit on Dad's lap...

If I could just get this sock on, I'd be ok...

Kate, at the top of a haybale

Oh, there's my teeth....

Nice hats

Not enough beds?  Sleep on the floor!

I like big shoes

Brynn & Sean reading together (one of my favorite pictures)

Brynn, in the garden room!

Brynn & Sean at a swim meet

Must attack TV

Huh?  Are people watching me?

Pile on Dad!!

If you are wearing a bathing suit indoors, please stick a hip out!

Erin & Kate, looking fancy

Ahhh, here's Blitzen!

Erin, Kate, & Brynn

I'm trying to stick a hip out, but it feels more like leaning...

E,K, B, & S on the Strasbourg Railroad

I gotta get these guys cutting the grass...

Why is the world leaning to the right?