2006 Kids Pictures Trip to Ocean City, MD

Home Up

Mike, Kelly, and the kids went to Ocean City, MD...  Again, it was a really, really hot day -- over 100 degrees!!  The ocean water felt great!  The kids had a blast on the beach, and a lot of fun on the boardwalk.  We picked up a few hermit crabs (Mungo, Scooter, and US) for Brynn, Sean, and Kate.  Mungo turned out to be a felonious hermit crab, as he was charged with attempted murder on Scooter, and fleeing prosecution.  He was later found under a dresser, and the charges were upgraded to murder as Scooter did not survive.  A very quick funeral was held for Scooter, and Sean got another hermit crab from Petco.  We were careful not to have Mungo room with any other hermit crabs after that!

Digging for gold at the ocean

Kate, having fun in the water

Erin, keeping cool!

Cool dudes wear the same shirt

I went to Ocean City, MD and all I got was a sunburn and these crazy glasses!

Ladies, shopping...  <sigh>

Brynnie on the shore

Kelly, catching a few rays...